Central Park in West Palm Beach, FL

Know Your Town: Exclusive Neighborhoods (Central Park West Palm Beach, FL)

Central Park is a famous neighborhood in Central West Palm Beach, Florida. The area has been around for over 100 years and is quickly becoming one of the most desired neighborhoods in Central West Palm Beach for residents to purchase homes. Central Park has something for everyone and it's also very close to downtown where you can find great restaurants, shopping, entertainment, parks and so much more!

How much does it cost to live in Central Park?

The homes in this neighborhood feature architectural styles such as Mediterranean, Tudor, and Spanish. The average price of a home in Central Park West is $650,000. This community development started in 1971 and was created with the help of Joel Epstein, a former resident who wanted to bring back an old-world charm. It has since grown into one of Palm Beach County's most coveted neighborhoods. Central Park West is lined with palm trees that overlook scenic Lake Worth Lagoon (a saltwater estuary) on two sides which provide for some great waterfront living. The average list price is $989,500 with an average sold listing of $692,075 within the last six months.

Single-family homes in this area range in square footage from approximately 3000 to 7000 and can sell for over $500,000. Rentals are also possible in the area with prices starting at around $3000 a month or higher depending on which building you live in. Central Park West is known as one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Palm Beach County because it's surrounded by another high-end community.

Residents in this area are within close proximity to the world-renowned beaches of Florida, so you'll never have to worry about being too far from the water. In Central Park West Palm Beach, residents are living in a luxury and tropical paradise. The neighborhood offers many luxuries that make it stand out as one of the most desired places for people looking for an upscale community.

The outdoor activities in this area are plentiful. From one man’s surf break to the other, there is always somewhere for a Central Park West resident to find exercise and enjoyment. But if you live in Central Park West Palm Beach, FL, where should you be spending your time? The many miles of trails allow residents of all ages an opportunity to enjoy nature without ever having to leave their neighborhood. Central Park West residents can enjoy beautiful views of the ocean, lake, and other natural landscapes by biking or walking trails in South Bay Preserve State Park. There are also many opportunities for fishing, crabbing, and bird watching at Mangrove Lagoon County Park.

The streets in this community are named: Bellevue, Central Park West, Fifth Avenue North, Gracemere Street, and Hamilton Drive. These streets are lined with luxury homes, and the median home price in this neighborhood is $455K. This neighborhood has a few parks: Central Park is the major one, and there are a few smaller ones scattered around. The neighborhood has a historic district with some beautiful old houses that were built in the 1920s and 1930s by people who wanted to escape urban life for something more rural.

Local grocery stores around Central Park are West Indian Supermarket, Walgreens, and Central Park Shopping Center. There are plenty of restaurants around the area such as L'aureole French Bistro Restaurant in Central Palm Beach County; Riccati's Pizza on Belvedere Road; and Italian restaurant Casaleggio Pizzeria at 405 Northlake Boulevard.

Regarding Homeowner Associations, in Central Park there are two, is Central Park East and West. Both of these communities have a Homeowner Association (HOA). The HOA on the east side has more than 130 homes, whereas the west side only has about 58 homes. This means there are fewer homeowners on one side as opposed to the other which can lead to some changes in the HOA. Property taxes are lower on the east side, but there is a higher demand for rentals and condos. The HOA in Central Park East has two golf courses (one of which is private) whereas Central Park West only has one.

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