How To Find Publisher Of Website

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How To Find Publisher Of Website

Have you ever visited a website and wondered “WOW, this site is awesome, who made this?”  If you have been there and have wondered how to find publisher of website, but didn’t know where to look, we are here to help you find out how.

Who designed that website

There are a couple of places a web designer or company will put credit for themselves on the website.  You are going to want to look for words like:

  • Site Designed By…
  • Site Managed By…
  • Website Powered By…

There are a few varieties of the phrase that you will want to look for to get the information you need.  A few simple clicks and you will know who designed the site.


The credit to the web designer can be found in the footer of the website.  If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will usually see the copyright information on one side and the web designer on the other.  That at times will be a clickable link that will take you to the web designer’s website or contact information.

Painters Austin Texas footer

Yes it seems pretty obvious that it would be at the bottom of the site, but at times, the only thing you will find in the footer will be the copyright info and maybe no footer at ALL!  Where do you look next if there is no designer info or footer available, but you want to know who put together such an awesome website so that you may contact them to possibly work with them?  There are a few more ways to find out.


If you are visiting a website, there is most likely a contact page.  This page contains all of the company’s information of the website you are visiting.  If there was no footer or web designer info on the contact page, then there is a good chance that it was added in an area on the contact page.  Scroll below the owner’s page contact info and see if you notice a small note that mentions who designed the website.  It is probably in smaller text or a different color than the owner’s info so as to not cause confusion and to stand apart from the other information.


At times websites may have a special “CREDITS” page.  This one is highly unlikely, but I have seen it done.  On the website there may be a link to a page that provides credit to all those who help make the business and website work.  This credit page may contain sponsors, important individuals and yes even the web designer or company.  It’s a nice way to put all of the collaborators in one place like an ad page and not have to worry about cluttering up the main page’s real estate.


If you have searched, but cannot find a link or information for the designer of the website, you can simply ask.

Don't be afraid to ask

Send a quick message to the owner of the site and ask them if they could provide you the information of the web designer.  That could be good for them and could earn them some referral credit.  It can be a win, win, win for everyone.


This all depends on the agreement between the designer and the website owner.  It is very unlikely that you will not find the designer information somewhere on the website.  The website owner usually does not mind it because it will always be located in a place that it is not in the way.  OR! It could be possible that the website owner designed the website themselves…DUN DUN DUNNNNN!  With all these drag/drop and CMS services available, it is easy to make a site with little to no knowledge on coding and design.  Even then you most likely will see a credit in the footer that mentions WordPress, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace or any other service that was used.  If you are looking for the designer of the website, you will find it on the site somewhere.

Why wouldn't there be credit for the web designer


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