Ebb & Float

Let's get your Float Spa Marketing going!

Ebb & Float Spa in Columbus Ohio is a beautiful new facility that wanted some exposure across Social Media and Google!

Ranking Position 1 For Multiple Terms by Month 5!
Ranking Page 1 For Multiple Terms by Month 3!
PPC Ads Created
Traffic beginning with October sign on date!


This business owner wanted to get the word out about her new facility and she also wanted to promote her holiday sales. Existing competition was taking up the entire first page of Google with a strong presence.


We optimized her existing website, changed the design to maximize conversions, as well as set up multiple campaigns across Google and Facebook to fit within her budget.

We put this business in front of potential customers who were already searching for this kind of service on Google.  Within 3 months we achieved multiple page one positions on Google.



We generated over 1300 new visitors via our PPC campaigns. Her website was ranked #1 for Float Therapy in Columbus Ohio! This business owner experienced a highly lucrative holiday season!

3 Month Campaign

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