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Kelly Shoumate

​Kelly Shoumate has been in the web and graphic design industry since 2010. She has a passion for listening to her clients and understanding their goals. She enjoys educating business owners about the short and long-term benefits of investing in digital marketing. She is highly experienced in Web Design, SEO and PPC. When she isn’t working with her clients, she enjoys horseback riding, snorkeling, and spending time with her family!

A word from Kelly:

“I think the most rewarding thing about my job, is seeing a business owner have that “Ah-ha!” moment. I just love fully understanding what the business owner’s needs are, and once I have those key elements in mind, I can formulate an actionable plan. It makes my clients look at things in a whole new way. It makes them realize that they CAN achieve their goals. Of course, the only thing better than that, is when those goals are ultimately achieved.

It is common that in the past, a business owner has been promised the world by other so-called, “marketers”, which can make it difficult for me to break through to them. However, once they speak to me and I am able to educate them upfront, and give them value that no other marketer has provided before, they realize this digital marketing agency is different from the rest. To be a part of a company who knows how to do things the RIGHT way, is such an honor.”

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