Staying Productive While Working from Home

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Staying Productive While Working from Home

We are currently in a time where people can work full time from the comfort of their own home.  But working from home can be a gift and a curse.  Everything from distractions to project and time management.  So how does one keep their head in the game while sitting on the couch, in their pajamas, with laptop in hand debating how to start their projects. With some discipline and focus, you can really get the most out of your work-from-home position.  Here are some tips that may help you out.

Working from home


There are many reasons why you may be working from home.

– Freelancing
– Running a home business
– Your job has dedicated to you a position to do so

The reasons are endless.  Working from home can be an amazing experience.  Most of the time, depending on the circumstances, you can set your own hours, which can be very convenient if you have a family to care for at home.  Once you start working from home and get a routine down, you never want to look back at working anywhere else.


So you are working from home.  For some it is difficult to to stay focused and get tasks done.  Here are some ways that you can stay productive, get your work done and do it all from wherever you want.


A good rule of thumb is once you are up and ready for the day, you should get dressed and freshened up as if you were going to go work at an office. We’re not talking suit and tie, but you should put on something comfortable.  Definitely not pajamas.  Get your head in the game.

Find a comfortable workspace


Find a place at home or a local coffee shop where you feel you can focus. Look for a place that has windows you can look out of and see something other than work.  You want to get work done, but you don’t want to feel constricted.


Social media is a huge distraction.  Try to get yourself used to not looking at social media during your “work hours”.  You want to make the most of your time to get your projects done.  The tweets and gram likes can wait.

Plan out your day


There are many Free task management apps and programs that can help you plan your day and stay on top of it or you can get back to basics with a pin up board or dry erase board.  Whatever works to help you visually see what you have to do and the time frames you have to get them done.  You want to plan your day and set your urgent projects first.  While planning your day, make sure you plan for breaks as well because although you are working from home, you still need to take time to get up, eat, walk around and recenter yourself.


While working from home, you will be tempted to turn on the TV or play video games during your break.  Don’t do it.  Find your focus and get your projects done.  If you need something in the background as you work, then put on a nice playlist of music or maybe an audio book.  Keep your eyes and mind on your work.


On top of planning your projects, you should also set a schedule to get the projects done.  Yes you are working from home and you can possibly work whenever you want, but let’s be real, would you rather get up early and get all your work done early or start work later in the day?  It’s completely up to you and the needs of your job, but set your times and stick to it.  If you want to work 9-5, then do it.  After 5 consider yourself clocked out and do some stuff for yourself.

Stay active and healthy


Your health and sanity are important.  Go outside, drink plenty of water, get up and walk around and stretch.  If you can have some human interaction, do so and have a small conversation.  Simply do whatever you can to make working from home a comfortable choice.

Stay productive and get tasks done


Yes you are working from home, but you are still working.  Stay on schedule, prioritize your projects, take breaks, automate anything that can be automated, try and get some exercise during the day and most importantly be health conscious.  Don’t let laziness or procrastination peek it’s head into your schedule.  You can do it.


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