What is a Footer?

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Is your footer working for you

When building a webpage, there are many different components.  All of these parts play a role in the design and development of your website and how it displays the information needed.  One of these parts is the footer. What is the footer?  The footer is the section that can be found at the bottom of the webpage.


As mentioned before, the footer is located at the bottom of your webpage. The footer usually carries over to all of the web pages throughout the website.  What information can be found in the footer?  In the past footers would contain:

Simple footer with copyright info

– Copyright information
– Web developer information

Nowadays footers are a lot more in depth and offer information that the business feels should be viewable on all pages.  Footers now have full widgets in addition to the text.  In these widgets most like to include:

Footer with call to action and information

– Business contact information
– Google map embed
– Recent blog post links
– Important page links

The footer now has just as much of a roll as the header.



Part of the footer code

The footer code can be found in the footer.php file of your site.


Footer theme options

If your website is built in a CMS like WordPress, then you can usually change the footer information in the theme customization options.  In those same options you will see different layouts for the footer that can be applied.  The footer information can be displayed stacked or side by side. You can also opt to only display one side of text as opposed as 2 sides (left and right, top and bottom).

Footer with copyright and social media links

The footer widgets can be found in the widget options of your WordPress backend.  The number of widgets that can be applied to your footer depends on the theme you have selected.  Some themes may not have the footer widgets enabled, so you may need to download a plugin that will give you the same effect.

Remember that if one plugin does not work as desired, simply uninstall the plugin and install a new one until you find the one you like.  Not all plugins are built the same and may not work well with specific themes, so make sure to test before you settle.


One can also add a form to the footer.  A form in the footer will make it easy for someone to contact you directly or subscribe to your blog or newsletter if needed.  If you do decide to add a form to your footer, make it a short form.  Only collect some simple information so that your form doesn’t expand your footer to the size of the page itself.  You do not want your footer to ruin the aesthetic of your page.


Your footer should have only the information that is related to your business.  The footer will be seen throughout your site so you want to ensure it is displaying any information that will act as a quick link to important information of your business.  We recommend having your business contact information and an embed of your google maps in the footer in addition to the copyright and developer information.  The developer information is just a courtesy and is not necessarily a requirement.  Not all web developers will require you to display their name at the bottom of your site which will act as a link to their website.  Even if they do require it, it doesn’t take up too much of your website’s real estate.

Footers can now provide a call to action


Don’t treat it as the dumping ground for other information.  The footer will come in handy to your viewer when they are reading something of interest on your page and they reach the bottom, they won’t have to search for your contact, they have it available on the same page.  They can even map your location if you have your google map embedded.  Keep your footer clean and organized.

AdCaffeine webpage footer


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