What is Search Engine Optimization

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What is Search Engine Optimization

Our society is living in a day where most of the world spends their time on the web.  Shopping, chatting, work and school are just a few ways that people spend their lives on the internet.  This is why it is extremely important for businesses to have an online presence. How can a business strive online?  SEO. A strong SEO strategy can help you rank on popular Google searches and draw in new potential customers. With a great SEO plan, you too can excel on the web.


SEO is an acronym for the term Search Engine Optimization.  What it does is pretty much in the name. To apply SEO is to optimize your site for search engines, like Google, to find you quicker and more efficiently.  With a good SEO strategy, sites have a better chance of being ranked on searches than those pages that don’t have any optimization at all. When it comes to Google ranking your page, it looks at around 200 different things to rank a page.  200! On top of that Google is always making changes to their guidelines and algorithm.

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It is almost impossible to fulfill every aspect of Google’s interests, but there are some things that can be done to drastically help get you ranked and keep you ranked for a long time.


Specific and carefully picked keywords throughout your homepage’s content can get you ranked, especially if the keywords have a high volume and low difficulty.


With content it is important to have a minimum of 1,500 words of content on your homepage.  If you cannot write to save your life, there are a ton of people online with content writing services who can write legit, high quality content for you.  Remember, you are not just throwing words on your site, you want it to make sense and you want it to contain your keywords.


Having your business’ information on multiple directories like Yelp, Yellow Pages and Facebook, is important.  Your business may also want to make sure that all the information is exactly as it is on Google My Business entry. You want a minimum of 100 different citations on the internet.  The more, the better.


Backlinking is a crucial way to get ranked online.  You pretty much share your website link on another website.  This link provides juice to your site, so it is important that the site that is linking to you is a high level site with great trust and power.  It is possible to link to spammy sites, so be aware of that when getting guest posts posted to others sites.


If you provide some type of service or have a product, you need reviews.  Reviews on your Google My Business will help with ranking your site on the map pack.  Always be aware of your quality and how you treat your customers.

Google My Business:

Your GMB appears on Google’s map.  When you do a Google search, you’ll notice there are a few ads, then the map pack, then the organic results.  The map pack only displays the top 3 results on the 1 page of a search. Your goal is to get on that top 3. With a properly filled out GMB including your website and optimized photos and reviews will help you get a better ranking.

Optimize Photos:

Ensuring that your photos are optimized and embedded with your company’s name and contact info (NAP: Name, address, phone number) and also naming the photo something relevant to your company will also help.  ALT tags are often ignored, but shouldn’t be. If your photos need ALT tags, add them.


These are just a few things that can be reviewed and updated to help you get ranked on Google.  Other things like embedding your google map on your homepage, optimizing your HTags, sitemaps, schema, adding social media and writing blog posts are other ways that you or can get you ranked higher and higher on Google searches.

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The effectiveness of even the strongest and most thought out SEO strategy takes time.  It is not something that will happen overnight. If you hired an SEO company to do your SEO strategy, keep in mind that this is long term.  It takes about 6 months to get a strong ranking from Google. Depending on your niche’s popularity and the keywords you selected, it could take some work to keep you ranked, but with the right team and strategy, it should not be a problem.

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AdCaffeine Marketing strives to provide our customers with a strong SEO strategy that will help them see results.  We research each keyword and evaluate every aspect of your site to see where optimization can take place. Our goal is to get you ranked and keep you there with a well thought strategy and appropriate optimizations.  If you would like some SEO done for your business, please feel free to contact us.

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