What is the Difference between a Web Page and a Website

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What is the difference between a webpage and a website

It has been asked if there is a difference between a website and a webpage. The answer is quite simple.  Yes.  The difference although is not as big as one may think.  Online presences have really come a long way throughout the years.  Companies have websites that have multiple pages and some have just one page with the information needed to be presented. 

Example of Full Website

Depending on what you want your online presence to be, you can get by with a full website or just a webpage.  We will get into the difference now.


The answer to the question that you came here for.  What is the difference between a website and a webpage.  Think of it this way, webpages are like leaves and the website is the entire tree.  A website consists of a series of webpages.  Usually the pages are as follows:

– Home
– About
– Services/Products
– Gallery
– Contact

Of course depending on your needs, your website can have more or less pages.  Some businesses get by one just one webpage, usually called a landing page.


A landing page is great for those individual businesses or groups that just want to put out some information and gather contact info via a contact form.  These landing pages are sometimes used as funnels for leading potential customers to other websites of interest.

Example of Webpage or Landing Page

Landing pages can be useful and easy to make, especially for those that just need to get their information up in a hurry and don’t need a full website to get their message across.


The answer to this comes down to one thing.  What do you and your business need?  If you have a business that offers different services or has different locations, you may want a full blown website.  The cost of a website depends on what type of website you would like and how many pages you want.


Some people use services like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace to build their websites or webpages.  These companies provide a drag and drop interface which makes building a site super simple.  No coding or experience is needed.  There is a monthly or yearly charge for these services.

Content Management System (CMS):

Another way websites and webpages are built are through CMS services like WordPress.  There are many plugins and themes that make it really easy to build the site you want, the way you want it.  The learning curve is small and the installation is known for being easy to do and understand. The WordPress is known as the “5-minute Install”, and it really does take about 5 minutes.  Depending on your hosting, they may have a one-click installation that will install WordPress for you.  WordPress is free, and there are free plugins and themes available, but there are also more intricate plugins and themes that are available for a fee through 3rd parties, but can be installed directly from the WordPress backend.

Hire a Developer:

If you really want a fully customized site that could include flash and other moving elements, then your best bet would be to hire a Web designer/developer so that they can code and build the site for you.  Yes this option is usually more expensive and these developers charge their own fees depending on the work that is to be done.  The more you need and want on your site, the more the build will cost.

Webpages are part of a website_opt


If you were here asking “What is the difference between a webpage and a website” then now you know, your webpages are the limbs that make up your website.  They all work together to represent you and your company. 

If you decide to build your website alone, or you decide to hire a designer, make sure to have your site built in a way that you will be proud.  This website and it’s webpages will offer your potential customers all the information they need to help them decide if they want to hire you or buy from you.  Keep your site visually appealing and optimized to run on multiple devices and web browsers.


AdCaffeine Marketing is your one stop shop for digital marketing including website optimization.  We have a team that specializes in building optimized websites for your business.  Our websites and the webpages are optimized for all devices including, desktop and mobile.

We offer affordable options that include builds through services like Weebly and WordPress.  We will learn what you want and make some recommendations.  You make the final decision.  If you are in need of a website, please feel free to contact us.  We are here to listen to your needs and deliver to you a website that will help drive new business and attention to your company.  We look forward to working with you.

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