WordPress How To Edit Homepage

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Wordpress how to edit homepage

WordPress how to edit homepage seems like there should be a simple answer. Well, there is. Just like any new process in life or business, if you are new to it, then you may need a little helping hand to do even the easiest of tasks, just as, editing the homepage of your WordPress site.


Before we get into changing your homepage, let’s run through the quick steps needed to get to that point:

Steps to begin

  • Purchase Domain
  • Purchase Hosting
  • Install WordPress (either through one-click install via your hosting or through FTP)
  • Install Theme
  • Activate Theme

Once you have the above done, you should be ready to start making those sweet changes to your WordPress pages.


If you are going to be making these changes yourself, even if you hired someone to do it, please, please, please make sure that your website is backed up. We mention this a lot because although it may be a simple change, it is always better to be safe than sorry.  You can use a plugin to backup your site like UpDraft or if you are more versed, you can backup your site via FTP. Regardless of how you choose to get it done, just make sure it gets done.

Backup your website information

There shouldn’t even be a question as to why you should backup your site and files, but if you are asking “Why?”, reason being is because you never know what can happen. A power surge, a glitch in your internet connection or a computer issue can cause corruption and damage to files you are editing. Issues can happen so treat your backup as insurance and make sure you have it. It is a good rule of thumb to backup your website anyways.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get into it.


The process of editing the WordPress homepage will be the same when editing your other pages (once you have created them). This process is also similar to editing your posts (once you have written and published some).

Edit your WordPress pages

The steps we are going to provide will be for editing the base of the pages and posts. You can further edit the look and content of your page depending on your site builder (if you used one). What is a site builder? Well we are talking about plugins like Beaver Builder, Elementor or Live Composer.


In order to edit the WordPress homepage you will want to log into your WordPress backend.

From the Dashboard, you can click on Pages

WordPress Pages editing options

Scroll to the page marked Home or Homepage

Hover over it and you will see the options

Click on edit

Click on the edit option

Start making your changes

Start editing your WordPress page

Review your changes

Click on Update

Click Update or Publish when done

And there you go.  Your homepage should now be edited and reflect the revisions you made. If you click off the edit screen while you are editing, WordPress does have an autosave feature that will autosave your changes as you make them. Just make sure you are publishing the version that you want and that your changes are the visible ones. A simple proof read will help you avoid any issues.


As we mentioned before, if you are using a site builder, you may have to make the main changes through the builder itself. For example, we use Live Composer on our site. In order to make our changes, we have to edit with Live Composer, which is one of the edit options we have when we hover over the page.

Edit with your site Builder

Once we are done making our edits, we click on the close button and Live Composer will save our changes to the Homepage.

Editing in Live Composer

Every site builder is different. We recommend you watch some videos or do some research on the site builder you want to use so that you know where the options are and how to go about editing your Homepage, pages or posts.


If you have no idea on how WordPress works and don’t have the time to learn it, then leave it to the experts. We here at AdCaffeine Marketing have been working with WordPress websites for years. We have the experience and know the ins and outs of how it works and how to get it looking just perfect for you and your business. Our developers and designers will work together to make sure your side is as functional as it is awesome. We test every WordPress site we build on different devices and browsers to make sure a majority of your customers will get the best experience possible. So stop procrastinating on your new website or lead generation idea, let AdCaffeine Marketing bring your ideas to life. We look forward to working with you.

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